FET Compressor

The FET Compressor is an incredibly stable specimen of a device beloved for its punch. Moreover, its tendency to add some top notch mutilation to the sound source when driven hard is excellence incarnate. This compressor adores being pummeled and manhandled. But few things are so great they can’t be made strides, so we included a few decent highlights that make it indeed more adaptable than the equipment unique.

FET Compressor is the new face in town

FET Compressor is sonically genuine to the first with all the settled proportion settings from the introductory equipment, counting the celebrated all-buttons-in setting. Softube has included a few modern-day highlights that make it indeed more adaptable than the equipment unique. Outside sidechain with a moo cut, parallel mixing, and more. Utilize it to bring up the break of the homeless people of a drum unit, or get vocals tight and forthright with a bit of pleasant grit.

In common, the FET Compressor can be utilized for a more profound pick up decrease than you’d ordinarily utilize with any compressor. The reason is that indeed at extraordinary settings, the FET Compressor appears no follow of the squeezed sound numerous other compressors make after you thrust them hard. This capacity for strict pickup control isn’t least useful on lead vocal tracks that got to be kept within the listener’s confront. The twisting too includes a decent coarseness to the voice, profoundly useable in shake mixes but in no way restricted to that.

A common work of the FET Compressor is in drum blending. Engineers cherish to utilize the FET on room receivers, overheads, or over the whole drum transport. Utilized in this way, the FET Compressor reveals an expansive, hazardous sound within the vein of Driven Airship. Parallel compression is additionally a valuable procedure here so we included the Parallel Infuse control to encourage that application. Need to diminish kick drum pumping or let the bass guitar’s low-end blossom? We gave you the sidechain channel for that.

Image: Softube