Passive-Active Pack

The Passive-Active Pack is a collection of three exceptionally special equalizers, each with its unique character and peculiarities. Together they make a fabulous secret-weapon analogue-style EQ toolbox. The Inactive and Dynamic equalizers imitate genuine workhorse units, utilized on thousands of recordings from past to show. The Centering Equalizer, a unique creation of Softube’s, combines these with analogue immersion and a novel workflow, to provide you melodic comes about, and a brilliant sound each time.

Three plug-ins in one collection; the Inactive Equalizer, the Dynamic Equalizer, and the Centering Equalizer. They’re a dream group mystery weapon for in-the-box EQing with fair sufficient mojo. The Detached Equalizer takes care of wide brushstrokes in a wide-open, melodic design, whereas the Dynamic Equalizer is more surgical, tight, and flexible. The third portion of the collection is Softube’s possess plan – the Centering Equalizer an inventive and accommodating right hand to your workflow.

Demonstrated from a celebrated German passive three-band equalizer, the Inactive Equalizer highlights a wide transmission capacity and a fantastic clear and open sound. The low boost gives you a warm moo conclusion, culminate to swell up a bass drum or bass guitar track. Cutting the highs gives you a really tender 6 dB cut which permits you to evacuate highs in an awfully melodic way. The tall boost is open and fresh and breathes life into any track. This plug-in is modelled from a dynamic equalizer plan made someplace within the Swiss alps within the ’70s. Though the Detached Equalizer is wide, clear and unintrusive, the Dynamic Equalizer is more of a specialist with a tight and focused sound. It’s a highly valuable issue solver after you have to get into details.

Arousing and non-traditional take on the EQ concept. Working in a really melodic way and doing a part of considering for you, the Centering Equalizer is a unique plan by Softube.

Image: Softube