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Levels is the ultimate mixing and mastering issue identifier plug-in, made and designed by Mastering The Mix. This plug-in will give producers or engineers the perfect mix and master. Levels’ technology analyzes the core elements of your mix and notifies you if there’s something wrong with it. This tool enables you to get crucial information to make better decisions over improvements on your mix.

Levels by Mastering the Mix is the ultimate mixing and mastering plug-in

If you think that your music creations could sound better, this plug-in has come to prove you right. Levels has presets that can adapt to meny different scenarios. They can be set for standard analysis when exporting your music to a CD, streaming, or for a mix in the club. Mostly, it is here to help you make your sounds sound great wherever you play it. The unit is straightforward and easy to use. Choosing the Headroom button provides a true peal meter that lets you know if your master sound is clipping. It includes a standard peak meter which ensures to maintain -6dB. To perceive loudness it has EBU R128 LUFS meters.

The stereo field includes a vectorscope to visualize your stereo width, a correlation meter to monitor any phase issues, a left and right meter to assess the general balance of your mix, and a low-pass button to solo your low frequencies. Furthermore, with its dynamic range you can instantly see if your music is over-compressed or under-compressed. To do this, an oscilloscope will glow letting you know when your mix is dynamic. In addition, a dynamic range display is also available, as well as Bass Space that identifies unwanted low frequencies and aids you in cleaning up those unwanted lows.

Image: Mastering The Mix