Melody Sauce


Melody Sauce by Evabeat is an intelligent melody creator plug-in that uses advanced algorithms to create massive melodies as a MIDI in your DAW. MelodySauce is a Sound Unit / VST plugin that uses progressed generative calculations to assist you to make instrumental melodies as MIDI in your DAW. A co-creation instrument planned for anybody making music in electronic pop, dance and EDM styles, MelodySauce gives a fast and boundless source of songs and melodic inspiration, made for you at the tap of a button.

With Melody Sauce, you’ll be able to rapidly and effortlessly create, audition and select songs for use as leads, synth lines, arpeggios and other instrumental snares, all on the fly while you playback your melody venture. None of the expressions that MelodySauce produces is pre-programmed as you listen to them, they are all built from scratch each time you press to produce. MelodySauce is able of creating numerous millions of diverse changes of melody through its complex calculations, which are the result of 18 months’ investigation and collaboration with the best music producers.

Right away create songs with diverse disposition and complexity setting combinations. By altering a set of straightforward parameters, you get to control the songs Melody Sauce produces for you. Explore with including moment harmonies to the songs you’ve produced. Attempt swapping the notes of the songs while keeping the beat. Produce melodies “on-the-fly” while your melody extends is playing. Effortlessly interface Melody Sauce to your top choice delicate synths inside your DAW. Drag and drop melodies straight into your DAW. Works in your DAW in Sound Unit, MIDI FX and VST plug-in groups. By the looks of things, Melody Sauce does not work properly with M1 Macs.

Image: Evabeat