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Blue Cat Audio gives us Protector, a great limiter plug-in that is perfect for heavy limiting. This plug-in is a 0dB brick wall limiter that adjusts dynamic response with a very simple set of controls that offer a wide variety of sounds. Protector works as a limiter for your tracks and even for some more creative effects like distortion of pumping heavy limiting. This limiter works best in a master bus in your DAW keeping an eye on your audio output to prevent overshooting and giving a transparent frequency response.

Protector by Blue Cat Audio is perfect for heavy limiting

Some of the Protector’s main features are optional lookahead options as well as a stereo link control. It also has a DC filter to get rid of DC offset. In addition, it boasts a large peak and RMS audio levels and gain reduction meters for optimal monitoring of parameters. There are a loudness boost monitoring visualizer and a fully configurable dynamics response histogram. Sidechaining capabilities on this plug-in come standard with zero latency.

Even though the plug-in has little controls it offers a wide range of sound options. Its simple and accessible interface enables a creative workflow. The large meters set over the interface provide visual feedback. With these, you have the control and monitoring of the dynamics on your track and master bus. Boasting powerful side-chain capabilities, Protector has an MIDI CC-out. Paired with its unique technology you can do side chain limiting and parameter modulation.

The plug-in system requirements for Windows are as follows, Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 operating systems are required with any Direct X, VST, RTAS or AAZ compatible host software in 32 or 64 bit. For Mac OS X users, Os 10.5 as a minimum software and an intel processor.

Image: Blue Cat Audio