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Pluto is a modular synth, designed and created by Modern Sounds. This particular modular synth is powered by an internal battery and is focused on making and creating complex and random sequences in a pocket-sized package. This Synth is brand new, and not only the hardware unit but the brand is also new. They have based in Ann Arbor Michigan USA, and they have made their debut with their first instrument, pluto. This beautifully made pocket-sized digital synth has taken its inspiration from portable vintage instruments like the Casio synths of the 80s.

This tiny synth is packed with two voice dual sequencers that offer five channels to be modulated. Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos and Hydra are the names that Modern Sounds have and are each named after plutos moons. With these channels, you will be able to create some randomized and complex sequences. There is a master clock to control the temp for all the mod outputs, paired with a speed know that will alter rhythms. Ther is also a width know that will let you widen or borrow the with of the pulse of the channels. Add more complexity to your rhythms with shuffle input, this input will displace channels when they are fed with a high signal but only momentarily.

This hardware unit is Eurorack compatible making it super versatile. It is also ready to communicate with other gear in your home or pro studio, or it can be operated standalone. Pluto also features a mini touch keyboard and a delay with loop and glitch modes that can be also used while performing. The internal battery inside Pluto is a 2500mah and it can be charged via mini USB. The brand has not yet announced its lunch date or the price tag for Pluto.

Modern Sounds