Nectar 3

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Nectar 3 by iZotope is a plug-in that lets you use custom vocal presets in a simple but powerful interface. One of the biggest challenges of vocal blending is fitting your channel strip to the style of your vocalist. Vocal Partner simplifies this process by analyzing the substance of your vocal execution and creating an impact preset form-fitted to the style of your vocalist. Through plug-in communication, Vocal Right Hand Unmask assists in putting your voice on the bleeding edge of the mix.

Nectar 3 gives your voice cool new heights

The Nectar 3 plug-in incorporates two unused 24-band Energetic EQs form-fitted to the one of a kind needs of vocals. Straightforward and clear, the Energetic EQs serve both remedial and inventive applications with versatile hubs. Recurrence chiselling and pitch following become easy to control with these tools. The Take After EQ mode creates a coordinated, energetic following of pitch, removing the need for the manual override of unwanted noises. The unused Measurement module includes choices for inventive impacts past conventional EQ, compression, and reverb. The three effect modes, Flanger, Phaser, and Refrain, contain a wide array of vocal sounds. These will prove valuable in many musical genres, from metal to hip hop and everything in between.

Nectar 3’s built-in harmonizer can build layered vocal harmonies by making and layering duplicates of your vocal track. You’ll can add up to eight voices, snap them into scale, or control your harmonization with a MIDI controller. The Concordance module lets you create gigantic, layered choirs, and backing vocals, or classic multiplying or tripling vocal effects. Keep your energetic extend beneath control, keep up reliable levels, and shape the character and tone of your vocal with Nectar 3’s two compressor modules.

Modeled after the classic EMT™ 140ST Stereo Plate Reverb, Nectar 3 adds characteristic space and character to your vocal. Nectar’s excellent De-Esser module can straightforwardly tame boisterous sibilant sounds (“esses”) in your vocal track, without venturing on the common execution.

Image: Nectar 3