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Melda Production’s MRotary is a rotary simulation plug-in that can deliver not just an amazing vintage sound, but also state-of-the-art algorithmic sound that includes up to 6 speakers at once. You can design your own cabinet using any fabric from wood to glass. Additionally, set up the turn signal using a fully featured active EQ, and much more. MRotary may evoke traditional sounds, but it can also be exceptionally dreamlike and innovative if you wish. There are 2 accessible calculations. The calculation of the test system based on Leslie cabinets and the purely mathematical calculation. You can use either one or combine them to create something new and bold You’ll be able to use them independently for each speaker. Furthermore, you’ll be able to have 6 of them in a single cabinet. Great, right?

MRotary is versatile and ripe with possibilities

The cabinet test system in MRotary doesn’t only deliver the prerecorded models the usual test systems do. Instep lets you select properties of the cabinet – its measure and material, placement of the mouthpieces, and more. You’ll be able to plan a cabinet from wood, steel, indeed material. You can even make different parts of the cabin from a different materials. MRotary offers a true, active EQ borrowed from MAutoDynamicEq. Though you can’t change the bass and treble to your liking, thanks to its active engine you can enhance the width of the stereo by stretching each channel.

The portion of the commonplace organ sound is the analogue twisting, which MRotary imitates with flawless precision. You can bring more torque or computer processing in your face, and the accessible drive levels are higher than with the single type of computer processing. Trying to find a small additional variety in your sound? Do you need the rotate from moderate to fast and vice versa naturally? Do you need more mutilation after playing harder? All of this and much more can be effortlessly made genuine utilizing our unimaginable modulators.

Image: Melda Production