Things – Motor

music production knowledge

Things – Motor by Audiothing is a plug-in effect that has dedicated sidechaining capabilities to combine signals in particular ways. With this plugin, you can apply two signals to get some crazy unpredictable sound out of them. With this plug-in, you will get the tools to create sonic parties out of plain and simple sound. You can add some nice vibrato to your signals or even go crazy with some extreme modulation speeds with the fantastic capabilities of the morphing rotor effect. Use the plug-in to morph between sound or rhythmically cut them up making an effect on both the spatial position and the volume.

This plug-in has a focus on the expansion of its features that will give you combinations of two signals via a simple sidechain, making it work flawlessly across various platforms. The switching feater is controlled via a variable waveshape LFO and not the fixed physical waveform of the original one. Thanks to this the plug-in will give you some smooth morphing or and aggressive chopped sound that you can use for audio rate modulation signals that in the end can give you in-modulation like artefacts.

Audiothings have added to the plug-in a vibrato and a panner feature that is synched to the LFO and also comes of the classic analogue sound shaping. Together with variable time on the motor, it becomes that sound morphing rotary effect that might become something you can start to use. With this plug-in, you will get a combination of classic tools on a modern approach for a modern audience. If you are ready to get on with Things Motor Plug-in you will need a Windows computer with at least Windows 7 on 2Ghz CPU and 4 GB Ram, with VST2 VST3 or AAX at 64 bits. If you are a Mac user, OS X 10.7 with Big Sur.

Image: Audiothing