Vacuum Pro

music production knowledge

The Vacuum Pro plug-in, designed and created by Air Music Tech is a virtual polyphonic analogue tube synthesizer that emulates a vacuum tube circuit that captures the wonders of the analogue era. Vacuum pro features four oscillators, multiple filters and envelopes, and a built-in audio effects section to give you the power to create subtractive synthesis to create superb analogue sounds from the ’70s and ’80s. With its interface, you will be able to tweak and twist knobs and dials to find the perfect sound and even program anything from unique sound effects, pads, leads and basses in a glimpse.

The plug-in offers six virtual vacuum tube circuits that will make your crunch and grit journeys much more pleasant in every stage of their signal path. With Vacuum Pro you will get some serious analogue warmth in a user-friendly and intuitive form. Each Vacuum Pro portion begins with two wide-range, vacuum tube oscillators that can be synched, detuned, and set to different octave levels. Additionally, Quad Detune controls per oscillator make it simple to rapidly dial in lavish sounds. For an indeed greater sound, the built-in Multiplying impact immediately broadens and thickens up your fix.

Shape your sound with two vacuum tube channels that incorporate a conventional low-pass channel and a selectable high-pass/band-pass channel. Vacuum Master moreover has four envelope generators, matrix-assignable balance, and beat-synced LFO. The blender offers a drive circuit and a tone-warping ring modulator. Vacuum Pro comes with more than 350 tweakable patches created by acclaimed sound designers, and with the smart page condenses you can control individual parameters to shape your sound in no time. Some extra effects are included and with an onboard arpeggiator that can be tempo-synced with your DAW, it offers a quick mode to create melodic sequences and runs.

Image: Air Music Tech