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The CrushStation plug-in by Eventide is an overdrive and distortion platform. It provides a versatile command centre for all stereo distortion needs. Its platform is user-friendly and has the controls to help you drive your tone from soft saturation to a crazy sonic assault, but this is not all that CrushStation has. The plug-in also is a multi-effects unit that has a three-band EQ that has compression capabilities and an octave mix. With mix control, you can blend the dry signal with a little CrushStatio creating parallel compression, distortion and much more creative effects.

CrushStation crushes the distortion game

Originally this plug-in was created for the H9 Harmonizer pedal, but now it has been enhanced with more features and tuned for live performances. The plug-in is designed to be played, with its Ribbon it will let you sweep effects between different settings. For example, you can have dark EQ on one side and on the other a wall of sound with the compressor. Add dramatic effects, use the ribbon to add life to your mix, add a MIDI keyboard and control de ribbon with the mod wheel and go crazy. This plug-in has so much potential, and when using it live it will open doors to a vast sonic experience.

The plug-in includes 35 factory presets that can add space and flair, or crude crunch, depending on your production styles. Furthermore, you can use the plug-in with guitars and synths. You’ll be able to explore the possibilities of warmth and depth with “PunkRock Lobster”. Alternatively, ad pre amp style distortion with “Fat Snappy”. There are many presets ready for you to load them up and execute in no time. The system requirements are Windows 8 or latter, and iOS 10.9 or latter.

Image: Eventide