VolumeShaper 6

music production knowledge

VolumeShaper 6 from Cableguys is a plug-in that will give you a superb visual approach to volume. This plug-in will let you shape the levels of your audio signal in detail from multi-band sidechain compression effects to hard gating, from tempo synched shitter to pinpoint sample shaping, all of this with a concise visual approach to volume. The plug-in has 6 levels of manipulation in a fast and easy way to use, with drawable volume LFO and a great visual compressor reference on every band.

Ducking AKA sidechain compression effect Basic for a well-defined kick and bass, the well-known ducking impact of sidechain compression makes the additional musical drive and gives space and definition. VolumeShaper gives you this same impact with outright control, fair draw the bend you need. Less complex, quicker, and more exact than employing a compressor. You can too trigger the LFO through MIDI notes, select one of the MIDI triggered LFO sorts, at that point course MIDI notes to the plugin through your DAW.

Multiband forming Utilize distinctive bends for bass, mids and highs for included accuracy. The multiband part lets you duck out the bass when the kick hits, or duck the mids to supply space for the catch. Or door the kick in a drum circle by altering the moo band and taking off the mids and highs untouched. VolumeShaper makes it simple to apply this fundamental strategy accurately, for exact and energetic blends. Characterize your sound circles VolumeShaper’s oscilloscope shows the approaching sound, making a difference for you to absolutely characterize sound levels. In a drum circle, direct levels for the catch, hi-hat, or anything else with fair some clicks, or alter undesirable notes out of a circle.

From smooth bezier bends to difficult cuts, you choose. Match up the impact to your DAW from 1/128 note up to 32 bars, adjust to the recurrence of the played note, or let it run unreservedly at ranges from 0.02 Hz up to 5.24 kHz. The system requirements for this plug-in are a Windows computer with at least Windows 7 and for Mac users OS X 10.8 or later.

Image: Cableguys