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ShineVerb is a creative reverb processor plug-in that is designed by XHUN Audio. This plug-in tool si designed specially focused on reverberation and is concentrated to enhance the colouration of sound with its multi-device effects processor that is composed of modelled analogue gear and also digital devices. It is arranged in a rack like a mounted cabinet giving you simple ease of use with accessible controls and a user-friendly interface.

The plug-in is loaded with great features that will give you the tools to express yourself with a versatile interface that will let you give your sound a character it deserves applied to a specific sound scenario. Thanks to its fantastic resonator-based digital reverberation core, the plug-in also has a stereo image enhancer and also an analogue preamplifier to add beautiful sound colourations. Let yourself free and design chambers and distorted echoes with just a click of a button or maybe a twist of a knob.

The leading role of ShineVerbe has to be the Reeverb XT device which is a digital rever unto that has vast controls that also feature a special panorama enhancer engine. With the Pre-AF24 unit you can router an input signal to an analogue overdrive circuit and a multi-mode low and high pass filter. After the processing side is done, make sure to head to the post-processing side with the MIX DF4 unit which is a hybrid amplifier that is made of two digital low and hi-pass filters and an analogue saturation. ShinveVerb is much more than just a reverb unit, it is a powerful tool that gives you complete control over the process with an easy and intuitive interface.

This unit is not compatible with Pro Tools

The system requirements for Windows users are a 32-bit and 64-bit computer with VST2 and VST3. For Mac users 64-bit with VST2, VST3 or AU formats.

Image: XHUN Audio