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Dynamic Delay

Dynamic Delay by Initial Audio is a multi-effects delay plug-in that creates astonishing delay sounds that have individual timings and independent feedback for each of the channels. With this plug-in delay, you will host the world of delay modulation with its great features and high-quality output. Energetic Delay is precisely what it says, an Energetic…
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DDLY Dynamic Delay

DDLY Dynamic Delay by iZotope is a creative and versatile delay plug-in that responses beautifully to your tracks musical dynamics to create supreme delays. It’s a one-of-a-kind effects plug-in that delays the signal in an unexpected way depending on the character of the sound. Alter the edge to part your signal based on homeless people,…
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The MicroShift is made to make sound wide with a classic studio trick that makes wide vocals and a twist of features. With MicroShift, you can make sound larger and wider. If you are looking to get some simple yet powerful stereo widening for your vocal, guitar or synth tracks this plugin gives you three…
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