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Strings by AudioThing

Strings by AudioThing is a spring vintage reverb plug-in with a great collection of vintage reverbs merged into a Baxandall EQ emulation. It features and mimics 8 types of spring reverbs, from a long 6-spring pipe to a small battery-powered single-spring unit. Furthermore, AudioThings uses a combination of convolution and display to reproduce the vintage…
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Px V8 Polyphonic Synth

PX V8 is based on an exceedingly uncommon American polyphonic analogue synthesizer, the Voyetra Eight. Released by Octave-Plateau Electronics in the 80s, this modest 3-space rackmount synth is an analogue powerhouse wearing 8 voice cards and an inconceivably profound tweak system. With 6 pages of parameters to customize the Voyetra Eight was nothing in the…
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