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Force is a pristine standalone end-to-end generation controller, designed and made to create, remix, mashup and perform your tracks live, at home or in a studio. Intertwining clip-launching, a direct arranger, MIDI Multi capability, step sequencing, testing, synth motors, material touch screen control and much more, all in a particular standalone gadget, Drive is prepared for any setting, from the studio to the mainstage – no computer required. The heart of Force encounter, Dispatch Clips, browse your sounds, alter MIDI information, control samples, organize your composition, apply XYFX, shape synth sounds and much more, all from Forces’ 7-inch, full-colour, capacitive multi-touch show.

Discover your inventive stream with Forces’ arms stockpile of material controls. Trigger scenes/clips, step arrangement, finger drum and play note information with an expandable 8×8 clip dispatch network. Find other ways to supercharge your execution through 360-degree rotating encoders with OLED input for quick real-time get to all centre controls or any assignable parameter. Fast-track your workflow with Force’s collection of savvy controls for the route, playback/recording control, note expression,

Stack your samples from a USB thumb drive or SD card, or extend FORCE’s capacity with the SATA drive narrows. Capture sound with (2) XLR/¼-inch combo inputs with apparition control, switchable to line/instrument level. Course your sound to two stereo ¼-inch yields, selectable per track inside Force’s UI. Utilize the earphone out as a means of signal transport to try out clips/scenes. Take control of your secluded to adapt with four free CV/Gate yields and join together your fringe MIDI gear kindness of MIDI In/Out/Through ports and USB by means of Force’s uncommon MIDI Multi capability.

From starting that beginning thought to orchestrate and last mixdown, everything your generation requests is here. Record, program and arrange your sounds with numerous track sort counting Plugins with MPC-style Drum Tracks, Sound Tracks, Keygroup Tracks, MIDI tracks and CV tracks. Portray out melody areas in execution mode, at that point organize these on Force’s direct arranger. Include the ultimate clean to your track utilizing handfuls of processors and impacts from the Discuss FX suite, all controllable by means of shrewd assignments on the revolving encoders or the shows on the touch client interface.

Image: Akai