Alesis Elevate 3 MK II

music production knowledge

The Alesis Elevate 3 MK II are a pair of powered desktop studio monitor speakers that are made specifically to enable you to listen to your mix or mastering session with a clear a full-range sound. They can also be used as regular desktop speakers to listen to music, play games or audio edit with an impressively clear sound. These monitor speaker will help you during your mixing and mastering sessions by bringing out the sound with complete detail. These speakers are fabricated with wooden cabinets, not like other brands that tend to use another kind of materials, this makes them dense and produces a more natural bass.

The 3 inch woofers are sure to give you decent bass range, accompanied by a really nice crispy sounding one 1 inch tweeter. These speakers are active, meaning that they are powered by amps and have a volume knob on the front panel. Be sure that the Elevate 3 speakers have what it takes to make you happy, Alesis has been making these kinds of monitors for decades and they really are a sonic pleasure. They have adapted the technology from their award-winning Monitor OIne and M1Active pro studio monitors, making them super special.

On the back panel, you will find a pair of rugged RCA jacks for connecting your media and a pair of 1/4 TRS jacks to connect your mixers and interfaces. You will also find a 1/8 in connection to set up your favourite pair of headphones if you want. These speakers are made to produce natural frequency response, nevertheless, if you would like to have more punch you can always switch the bass boost button to have an instant bass upgrade. The Alesis Elevate 3 MK II are a great set to start with if you are setting up your home studio.

Image: Alesis