Alesis V61

music production hardware

The Alesis V61 is a medium to large USB MIDI Keyboard Controller. It is a versatile and user-friendly controller that lets to control your desired music software in a creative and intuitive way. It has 61 full size and velocity-sensitive keys, knobs, buttons and pads to let your creativity loose. It can let you expand to a full melodic range with its easy access octave selector buttons to instantly create chords, melodies and bass lines. You can assign its knobs and buttons to your preferred effector, plugins and virtual instruments. By mapping these buttons you will be able to adjust the parameter, active effects, open and close filters and tweak parameter.

It’s eight backlit pads that are also velocity-sensitive and can let you trigger clips or play the drums with great response timings. Pitch and modulation wheels make the Alesis V61 expressive and capable to meet robust music productions and performance standards. It is easy to set up to your DAW, with its single USB cable you will be able to connect the V61 to your Mac or PC providing power to the controller and MIDI to transfer data. This is great because it will let you plug and play right away without the hassle of installing drivers. Its size still makes the V61 portable and adaptable to any music studio or live performance.

The V61 comes ready with Ableton Live Lite and XpandI2 making it record ready, production and performance-ready out the box. With the XpandL2 you will have an instant collection of great quality sounds and advances virtual instruments at the touch of a finger. With a selection of acoustic instruments and modern synthesizers, the Alesis V61 is a powerful music production tool that performs up to high standards and enhances your music creation workflow. The cherry on the cake has to be the visual feedback illuminated buttons and knobs, they look absolutely fantastic.

Image: Alesis