Alesis VI49

music production knowledge

The Alesis VI49 is an advanced 49 key keyboard controller with USB and MIDI capabilities. With this keyboard controller, you will be able to take command of your music production or performance journey with ease. Thanks to the features this keyboard controller has in combination with your preferred music software, the Alesis VI49 is a great platform to enhance your production workflow. The keyboard controller has a series of pad, knobs and buttons along with a 49 velocity-sensitive keybed that is semi-weighted with aftertouch and octave selection buttons. Expanding the keyboard to a full melodic range and play bass lines, melodies and chords come naturally.

Also onboard the VI49 you will fin 12 assignable knobs to program and tweak and 36 assignable buttons that you can map to manipulate effect plugins and your preferred virtual instruments. You can also open and close filters, trigger effects, modify the volume, move parameters. With its 16 velocity-sensitive pads you can launch instant clips or play a set of drum beats that will light up whiles you play thanks to its backlit and colourful visual effects. Pitch and Mod wheels are integrated and will definitely add expressiveness and more creative options for your production venture or live performance.

The VI49 is connection ready and can effortlessly get in sync with your favourite music production software. Thanks to is USB connection and MIDI functionality you can connect it to external MIDI modules, synths and more. There is a LED screen that delivers some greater visual feedback, and practically everything is illuminated making it easy to manipulate even in low light. Ableton Live and XPand!2 comes bundled with this keyboard controller allowing you to create powerful music right out of the box. Giving its size and the weight you can take it along with you with ease to set up your music production studio wherever you go.

Image: Alesis