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ARGON 8 is an 8 voice wavetable synthesiser that has a deep heritage of the legendary OO series synths from Modal Electronics. ARGON8 is an advanced wavetable synth for music entertainers and performers, producers and sound designers. With its straightforward and wealthy sound, a cluster of real-time controls, MPE support, a clear organized user interface and integrated performance instruments, ARGON 8 may be a one of a kind instrument, planned to convey an unmatched sonic experience. A premium 37-note console with aftertouch is the ideal play area for demanding specialists.

The rough aluminium chassis and proficient I/Os permit ARGON8 to be coordinated into each studio and live setup. MODALapp gives easy access to all ARGON8 capacities and runs on macOS/Windows/iOS/iPad and Android gadgets and is additionally accessible in AU/VST3 plug-in designs as MODALplugin.

Its sophisticated wavetable engine can produce thousands of sounds and combinations with its unique form morphing feature. Explore surrounding and evolving textures, classic pads and cutting edge chords, brutal basses, dark drones and hallucinogenic noise textures – ARGON8 may be a genuine sound designer’s play area. Prepare and cross balance the waves utilizing either the 32 inactive wavetable modifiers and open extra wavetable varieties. With ARGON8 for all intents and purposes, each sound with its creative energy comes to life with ARGON 8.

There are four morphable filter types that provide modern and classic alternatives to shape your sounds. Two adaptable audio rates (1x polyphonic) LFOs can be steered to a tremendous sum of destinations utilizing the tweak matrix and match up to inner or outside beat. Three devoted envelopes for the filter, amp and tweak give excessive control overflow and expression to your production or playing workflow. ARGON8’s advanced 12-slot tweak matrix supports simple assignments of complex modulation routes to keep your sound advancing and evolving.

Image: Modal Electronics