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SKULPTsynth SE is a four-voice virtual-analogue synthesizer that is powerful and portable, enabling you to perform and compose your music anywhere. This lightweight USB or battery-powered synthesizer highlights a special 32-oscillator virtual simple sound motor. Its forceful synth engineering features 2 WAVE groups, joining four oscillators per voice, a morphable 2-Pole resonant Filter also a comprehensive 8-slot tweak matrix and advanced effects. The integrated Arp and 256-note Sequencer permit to play rhythmic designs and tunes consequently. SKULPT bolsters MPE for next-generation expressive exhibitions. Artists, DJs and producers discover 128 energizing preset sounds to begin their synth experience right out of the box.

The free MODALapp and MODALplugin for all essential computer and versatile platforms coordinating effectively with any VST3 and AU compatible recording environment. SKULPTsynth SE and SKULPTsynthesiser can be poly chained in blended setups (up to 4 synths) and the patches are cross-compatible. A wide extend of free and commercial patch collections are already accessible to begin the melodic experience as you have always dreamed it. Two WAVE groups per voice with four oscillators each give significant hands-on control over the sound and clear easily between sine, triangle, saw, square, PWM and Commotion sources. Extra oscillator tweak utilizing FM, Ring Tweak or the colossally effective onboard LFOs reveal an unmatched potential for sound customisation.

SKULPTsynth SE supports MPE and offers performers imaginative unused melodic ways to model sounds with their fingertips. Interface your MPE compatible MIDI controller and try next-generation expressive sound verbalizations as it were possible with a genuine instrument like SKULPTsynth SE. Built-in distortion and delay effects include character and profundity to the signal. The distortion conveys curiously overtone textures from subtitle to an overwhelming overdrive. This synth includes a comprehensive set of associations to power and control the synth utilizing USB, monitor with headphones or utilizing the devoted line output, adjust with outside gear utilizing the full-size MIDI in and out or the 3.5 mm Match up in or outputs.

Image: Modal Electronics