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Building on the convention of warm and punchy analogue-style synth sounds, conceived by amazing synthesizers from the past, COBALT8 opens the complete inventive potential of simple waveforms. This capable, rousing instrument rehashes the aesthetics of simple sounds and welcomes performers, producers and sound designers to investigate a modern period of virtual-analogue synthesizer surfaces, distant past the limits of its simple progenitors. On best of the imaginative oscillator motor of COBALT8, they have included a modern morphable 4-Pole Step Filter.

Combined with Modal’s unparalleled tweak choices, a rousing real-time / step sequencer, the stimulating arpeggiator, the Premium FATAR 37-note console, MPE, studio-quality effects and MODALapp integration, COBALT8 is the culminate synth for everybody who needs a flexible electronic music instrument to play vintage synth sounds and is enthusiastic to enter unused sound dimensions. Eight genuine polyphonic voices entice players to layout the wide string or rich synth. There are two independent oscillators with four extra oscillators each that create a powerful virtual analogue machine.

Switch between the four distinctive channel modes, get inventive with the notch filter and create bizarre synth surfaces with the Phasor. Two distinctive characteristics permit inculcating calm and subtle behaviour to handle the sound with care and power. Three adaptable audio-rate (2 x polyphonic) LFOs can be directed to an enormous sum of destinations utilizing the modulation matrix and adjust to inside or outside tempo. The polyphonic 64-note step sequencer modes make it super easy to input out and add animation values with multiple sequencer triggers and modes to get a powerful onboard arpeggiator, which is programmable to up to 32 steps.

There is no doubt that pro keyboardists will really like the playability of the COBALT 8, its full-size keybed in combination with its aluminium chassis and rugged composition make it a great experience to play and produce.

Image: Modal Electronics