Realphones Ultimate

music production knowledge

Realphones Ultimate by dSONIQ is a plug-in that has been designed to correct headphone distortion. This interface is a VST, AU and AAX plug-in that gives you a platform for headphone and virtual studio correction and emulation. The plug-in’s technology corrects distortion problems in the sound played from headphones giving you aid to correct imperfections for optimal mixing tracks and playability. Select your headphone model to apply the adjustment profile. More than 100 headphones are supported. You can select recalibrate profile for coordinating with third-party headphones correction software. Apply the degree of the frequency response redress to your headphones. 100% speaks to full matching to the measured values.

Be that as it may, setting the Adjustment slider underneath 100% may give you more nitty-gritty control over the blend, and it seems to limit aural weariness. In the event that you listen to any unforeseen timbral colouring, the plug-in will give you detailed information to reduce aural fatigue. The plug-in also offers Binaural room simulation, allowing you to estimate your mix in a selected environment with a particular speaker setup. Two of the main features are Ambiende which provides you with control of the amount of sonic reflection in a studio room and Angle which represents the distance between your sound sources and virtual space depending on the position.

With speaker simulation, it will permit you to apply the frequency response of the chosen speaker set to your monitoring. And the response parameter permits you to control the degree of processing applied to attain the frequency reaction of the chosen speakers. It makes a difference to appraise how the blend would sound on diverse frameworks with they possess particular tonal properties. There are Factory sets of snapshots for mixing, producing and listening designed for you to mix through diverse speaker systems. Check how your mix would sound on little 3d shapes, with effective sub, home hi-fi systems or prevalent headphones.

Image: dSONIQ