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ChordPrism by Chord Prism Software is a chord FX suite plug-in that lets you create pro-sounding basslines, arpeggios, melodies over chord progressions in VSTi and AU MIDI effect formats. This version of ChordPrism enables you to easily create your signature sound in a seamless and user-friendly interface. The changes upon conventional Scale, Arp and Chord effects gives you boundless conceivable outcomes for making your own special sound. Chord Prism is recognized as a VST Instrument and AU MIDI Effect inside your DAW. It does not deliver any sound but permits you to stack an extra VST Instrument inside itself. The AU MIDI Effect fits into the flag stream like other local Logic MIDI effects. The VST form of Chord Prism can act as a MIDI Yield to other Instrument racks inside DAWs that back this sort of routing.

The chord generator lets you play one finger chords from any Key or Scale. It also lets you select from different chord sorts sets of triads, 7ths, 9ths and different inversion and voice leading choices. Apply Strum, Rehash, Hold and Velocity effects. With Smart scale, you can Play astounding basslines and melodies with Smart Scale. Highlights distinctive mappings for diverse encounter levels. For apprentice mappings, the Scale shifts with each Chord Choice. This will let you keep your hand within the same position, whereas the correct tones move to your fingers. Step sequencers can let you apply rhythmic patterns to your content and Multi Arp lets you create from a palette of multiple arpeggios ready to be applied to your chord selections.

With multi-instrument performance, you can play chord progressions and melody basslines simultaneously. With cord editor, you can adjust notes that are defined to chords and be used to build advances accompany options. Once you’ve got gotten your track to where you need it, you’ll be able to effectively drag and drop the real midi notes being performed to an instrument track inside your DAW.

Image: Chord Prism