Music Box Suite


Music Box Suite by Frozen Plain is a realistic VST plug-in that boosts a realistic music box that will give you unparallel composition capabilities with superb sound design capabilities. Thanks to is VST/AU features a set of sounds that will enhance and expand your sonic palette to be expressed with its sample-based synth engine. At the centre of Music, Box Suite are 2 multi-sampled music boxes, both of which include 4 round-robin. The primary is the Victorian music box. This instrument features a warm antique tone. This contains a bright, sweet sound by elegantly layering these 2 instruments, modern compelling sounds can be made.

The 40 included presets illustrate that there are keys, pads and ambient textures. These complimentary sounds are fundamentally morphed forms of genuine music box samples, in any case, there are moreover a number of extra instruments such as a guitar pluck, a glockenspiel and synth strings. Mirage is planned for a quick, adaptable sound design and for ease of utilisation. Another procedure that sound designers utilize to shape the character of sounds is by applying effects. Mirage highlights a rack of such effects for this reason. Built-in effects such as distortion, bit-crush, chorus and stereo widener can be utilized to upgrade the sound with additional sounds or additional recreated width.

Mirage is planned to not get in your way. It is quick to stack up and is CPU efficient. It features a vector-based GUI that can be resized so that it’ll work on any type of screen. The controls are laid out in an instinctive way, and a full description of what each control does can be seen by drifting the mouse over it. Mirage too comes with a PDF user manual with all of the nitty-gritty subtle elements covered. Keep in mind that Music Box Suite is not compatible with Pro Tools.

Image: Frozen Plain