Arturia AudioFuse Studio

music production hardware

The Arturia AudioFuse Studio is a great recording gadget that fits on any music production studio, recording hub or even for the nomad musician that is looking for a great interface that will provide the functionality to record or perform audio with great quality and portability. Arturia brings to us the AudioFuse Studio which is a revolutionary interface with an outstanding sonic quality made to fuse prime analogue studio console sound with any input you plug into it. It is specifically made for processing any type of recording and to enhance live performance. It is flexible and adaptable with its 18 ins and 20 outs it has great connectivity capabilities.

The main feature of the AudioFuse Studio has to be the pro studio quality in which the interface captures the audio you filter through it. In other words, this means that you can now capture studio-quality sound from any source even from any situation. The AudioFuse Studio makes for a great piece of hardware even for the nomad producer/recorder. Another great feature worth mentioning for the AudioFuse the 4 microphone preamps it has and its top of the line AD/DA converted, saving the purity and passion fo your sound. Its super low EIN captures every subtle detail that comes in the line, plus the power it gives with its huge 72dB input.

The AudioFuse Studio design is made and thought to enhance your creative workflow by letting you focus on your task at hand and letting distractions on the side. On the other hand, they made it pretty simple to set up communication with another room with talkback if you decide to have a control room. There are detailed metering, inserts to add pro effects along with A/B monitor switching. The AudioFuse connects with virtually anything, like microphones, turntables, instruments, studio hardware, computers and even phones with minimal latency. Its EIN is -129dBu and its dynamic range is 119dB.

Image: Arturia