Arturia Microlab

music production hardware

The Arturia Microlab is the perfect controller for the nomad music producer. It’s the go-anywhere controller: it’s small but still ticks all the boxes. It has 25 keys that feel good to play. In addition, it doesn’t need complex drivers to install. Out of the box it comes with great software to kickstart your music production journey right away. The keyboard integrated into it is the same as the Keystep, making them velocity-sensitive and responsive. For only $89 USD, the build quality of this controller makes it a great companion for the road. Moreover, with its clever design, it makes it a good buy.

Arturia Microlab: Features

The Arturia Microlab only features four buttons and two touch strips. This may sound insufficient, but it really gives you the platform for enough control over parameters, chords, and sustains. Plus, it allows you to swipe selections of your preset library. With smart control, you can access quickly to essential controls and pitch and bend. Similarly, you’ll be able to navigate menus and mod controls with its integrated touch strips. Additionally, it has a rubberized case and colors to suit your style and protect it when you’re out and about. Even more so, it comes with a recessed USB to keep tidy.

Also, when you buy the Arturia Microlab, it includes great software. Firstly you’ll find the Analog Lab Lite, a software instrument that has more than 600 legendary synthesizers and keyboard sounds. The feature son enables you to get creative right away. You’ll also fin UVI Grand Piano Model D, which are fantastic classic pianos to play. Last but not least, you’ll get the Bitwig Studio 8 Track, although only an introduction version to the software. Regardless, it’ll let you record your music production ventures. The Arturia Microlab is definitely a great buy if you’re starting out on your first controller. This is also true if you’re a seasoned producer on the move.

Image: Arturia