KRK 8s

music production hardware

The KRK 8s is a powered studio subwoofer that is well known for its sonic accuracy and design quality that is characteristic from KRK. It has a custom-voiced glass aramid woofer that really delivers some series tight and defined bass, thanks to is Class D powered amplifier that really helps to make the transient response of this studio subwoofer controlled and dedicated. It has a clear punch and with its selectable crossover, you can easily adjust the settings in this bad boy to match your existing home studio or poor studio monitors.

This subwoofer does not necessarily need to be paired with a set of KRK studio monitors, it can be set to complement any other trademark. The 8s delivers an optimal listening and mixing experience with fantastic extended deep low frequencies. With its exclusive bypass control feature, it provides full range audio to monitors without the need to switch off the subwoofer. This comes handy when producing, mixing or mastering, enabling you the ability to shut off the subwoofer and only listen to the reference of pure monitor speakers.

The heavy-duty enclosure of the 8s and the entire KRK subwoofer series is made of reinforced MDF giving it great strength and durability, so be sure that your subwoofer can withstand a wild party and still make it the next morning. The front-firing port on the 8s was engineer to take low-frequency extension while making less boundary coupling and to avoid unnecessary sonic turbulence. The bass extension of the 8s is 30Hz with a max SPL of 112 dB and the connectivity of it is universal having an XLR, TRS and RCA inputs and outputs. Keep in mind that the footswitch that enables and disables the subwoofer is not included.

Image: KRK