M-Track Duo


M-Track Duo from M-Audio is a 48-kHz, 2-channel USB Sound Interface with 2 Combo Inputs with Crystal Preamps, and Phantom Power. The M-Track Duo is a great and versatile recording interface in its category. It conveys 48 kHz sound determination in a compact and simple to utilize organize that’s perfect for making music on any Mac, PC or iOS gadget. This flexible interface works incredible for recording any sort of sound source and highlights two Combo Precious stone Preamps with phantom control, making it consistent with any receiver.

Also, there’s a committed switch to select either a line-level or instrument level input, idealize for interfacing advanced pianos, drum machines or any other stereo ¼” inch line level gadget, as well as the finest conceivable flag for DI guitar or bass. M-track Duo is totally fueled by USB, which makes it versatile and idealize for anybody on the go. Toss it into your sack, snatch a portable workstation, and make you another podcast, tune, or blend, anyplace you need. M-Track Duo offers zero-latency checking of the mic, line or instrument input flag through both the most stereo 1/4/’ yields and stereo1/4” earphone yield. The USB/Direct switch alters the adjustment between the coordinate inputs and the playback from your computer program. This makes it simple to record modern parts or include parts to an existing composition.

The M-Track Duo comes with a total program bundle that has everything to urge you begun right out of the box. Included are 2 awesome Master Apparatuses, to begin with, M-Audio Version and MPC Beats. These DAWs make it simple and fun to make proficient sounding podcasts, music, or professional sounding beat preparations on any Mac or PC. But that’s not all! Included are a few additional treats to assist out any podcaster, guitarist, or producer. To begin with on the list are 20 effect plugins given by Eager, the makers of Master Apparatuses. This select and diverse collection conveys everything you wish for inventive generation, blending and acing, counting reverbs, equalizers, delays, channels and so much more.

Image: M-Audio