Mackie Onyx 8


The Onyx 8 is a premium 8-channel analogue mixer with multitrack USB the gives you classic sound with all the modern goodies you are looking for. Onboard this little but powerful mixer you will fin 4 award-winning microphone preamps that give you up to 60dB of gain. Thanks to its first-class analogue circuitry y can deliver studio-quality audion whiles keeping noise to a minimum fraction. The interface boosts analogue USB channel strips with flexible routing and a fantastic British sound thanks to its Perkins EQ. The Onyx 8 is a robust mixer with a great digital effect engine that provides delays, reverbs and a dedicated FX EQ.

This mixer has the ability to record and playback via an SD card or a USB with high resolution into multi-track recording via your Windows or Mac computer. The mixer comes standard with a colour display with single knob control to fastly navigate your FX parameters and to trigger your onboard SD recordings and playbacks. With it, you can also browse through your files on the SD card with dedicated buttons to control everything intuitively. The FX processor can be used to trigger effects in liver performances, live streams and other scenarios. Apply reverb, chorus, delay to dial in your sound with dedicated EQ and parameters control.

Onyx 8 has the ability to stream audio via Bluetooth from any device directly to the mixer and then can be streamed or routed to an aux send to the Main mix. For your basic mixing needs, the Onyx 8 has 3 band Perkins EQ, Hi-Z switches, 100Hz low-cut filter and 48v phantom power on all mic channels, stereo 1/8 input, stereo line inputs, aux outputs, control room outputs, headphone output, 12 segment stereo meter, indicators and a footswitch. The unit comes with Pro Tools and Waveform to kick start your first audio recording.

Image: Mackie