Moog Minitaur

For over 40 years, the Moog Taurus has been the mystery weapon of specialists and producers around the globe for creating earth-shaking bass. The Minitaur is the most current expansion to the Taurus family of Analog Bass Synthesizers. It is a subtly compact, subharmonic bass machine planned to coordinated consistently into any execution or computer-based music workflow. Fair as its begetters, the Minitaur easily does one thing over all others… divider part analog BASS.

The strong steel walled-in area of the Minitaur is misleadingly simple – advertising prompt gets to basic sound plan and execution controls as it were. This makes Minitaur greatly quick and simple to use–but fair beneath the surface lies a tremendous region of energetic and rousing control that’s right away open from nearly any tablet or MIDI controller. The free Minitaur Editor software genuinely opens Minitaur’s control and adaptability by making DAW integration and control totally consistent on both Mac and Windows machines. Stack and spare up to 128 presets onto your Minitaur, select from 6 distinctive tweak waveshapes, lock in Difficult Match up, get to full ADSR envelopes, MIDI match up the LFO, reset oscillator waveform cycles, a poly chain with other Moog synthesizers, and more. Each highlight can be controlled, mechanized, and reviewed instantly.

The new Minitaur v2.2 overhaul grows this capable analog bass synthesizer with a have of modern execution components and the user asked highlights, counting front-panel get to modern LFO wave-shapes, oscillator hard-sync and much more–and Minitaur’s unused Librarian/Editor Computer program makes DAW integration consistent between your synthesizer and Mac or Windows machine. Open a modern world of sonic conceivable outcomes and control with the free Minitaur Editor software.

Image: Moog