Subsequent 37

The Subsequent 37 is a (2-note) paraphonic analogue synthesizer that builds upon the award-winning plan of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Version. Its control board is domestic to 40 handles and 74 switches, setting a tremendous cluster of analog sound-design instruments and onboard sequencing choices quickly at your command. The Consequent 37 progresses upon its source through the usage of a number of user-requested sonic and utilitarian upgrades. Each improvement keeps up the enchantment and character of its forerunner whereas moreover giving get to modern measurements of sound and made strides in playability.

The Subsequent 37 mixer segment has twofold the headroom of that within the Sub 37 Tribute Version. This gives to get to an unused run of classic clean tones in both mono and twosome execution modes. Leveraging the mixer’s newfound adaptability, gain-staging within the Step channel has been reshaped to boost consonant immersion and analog compression, coming about in a generally wealthier moo conclusion. Completing the sonic advancement of the Subsequent 37 could be a re-tuned Multidrive circuit that expands well past the coarseness and snarl of the first Sub 37.

In expansion to the sound motor expansion, each Subsequent 37 comes with an overhauled keybed for moved forward playability, a high-powered earphone enhancer solid sufficient to drive the foremost requesting earphones, and a computer program plugin/editor for both Windows and Mac stages. Create unused sounds with a more extensive run of classic clean tones in both mono and team execution modes. Moog’s transformative Multidrive circuit presently expands well past the coarseness and snarl of the original Sub 37. 2 assignable mod busses, 2 DAHDSR circling envelopes, and an ultra-powerful arpeggiator/sequencer

Image: Moog