Nektar SE25

The Nektar SE25 is an awesome arrangement for any portable production setup. This compact MIDI console controller is almost as wide as a laptop and gives you everything to make music on the move. It includes 25 smaller than expected keys (that still play really well), six control buttons, and Nektar DAW Integration. So the SE25 is way more capable than it might appear to begin with look. And we haven’t indeed said our interesting Portion 2 highlight yet. The keys are the foremost vital feature for a MIDI controller keyboard: They transport your playing and melodic thoughts into the computer. As the SE25 is outlined to be eventually versatile and fit in any rucksack, there was essentially no room to fit full-size keys. But still, we needed it to be playable well.

The Nektar SE25 of the gods

Nektar created a modern velocity-sensitive mini-keybed for the SE25. In spite of these keys’ minuscule measurements, you’ll play them expressively with a characterized and firm feel. What’s more, a choice of three distinctive speed bends permits you to alter the console reaction to your playing fashion. These keys are prepared for activity. Essentially press the devoted “2” button to quickly move the octave, include an octave or agreement layer where you play, or switch to a distinctive channel: The special Portion Two include will empower you to play in ways not indeed conceivable on consoles with numerous more keys! What’s so uncommon around this? Well, the minute you let go of the Portion Two button, the SE25 returns back to its unique settings. So you’ll flip back-and-forth between two diverse console setups in real-time. A fun execution highlight.

Pitch Bend, Tweak and Support are key fixings for dynamic keyboard exhibitions. So we found a way to recoil the controls to measure and put them right at your fingertips. Six buttons to the cleared out of the console are pre-assigned to octave move, transpose and support. Provide your trackpad or mouse with a break and control DAW transport capacities and track choice straightforwardly from the SE25: Basically press the Play and Rewind buttons at the same time to enter transport mode and our custom Nektar DAW Integration program lets you control your DAW.

Image: Nektar