Panorama P1

The colossal controlling control of Panorama P1 is contained in a compact case approximately the measure of a 17″ tablet. An unrivalled sum of assignable controls makes Display the foremost comprehensive and completely highlighted MIDI controller around. 16 encoders, 9 45mm faders, 10 Driven buttons, 28 buttons and a footswitch jack gives you quick control of up to 61 parameters at any one time. Settings can be put away in 20 presets with exclusively spare and loadable F-keys maps for more than 1200 combinations. The numbers may not matter but being in control does.

A crystal clear 3.5″ colour TFT display conveys the data you truly require, for each mode or menu. Notwithstanding whether you’re working Reason or programming MIDI assignments in Inside mode, the show provides detailed data that creates your workflow familiar and fast. Panorama takes the difficult work out of employing a controller and makes operations that appear complicated and non-transparent on other items, straightforward and basic.

t’s difficult to go places without transport so Panorama highlights an expanded 11 button transport bar, positions right where you wish it controlling: Return to L, Forward to R, Fix, Tap on/off, Record Mode, Cycle on/off, Back, Forward, Halt, Play and Record. Utilizing the move button, these too twofold up as 11 work buttons each assignable to MIDI commands or QWERTY macros. For Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, Reaper, Reason and Studio One users, Panorama could be a dream come genuine. The dedicated communication convention ties the Panorama and your DAW firmly together so all you have got to do is select the mode and menu you need to control. The display does the rest.

The integration with Bitwig Studio, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, MainStage, Reaper, Reason and Studio One is so profound that you just can inundate yourself in your music without having to always reach for the mouse. The display gives you the inventive flexibility to fair centre on your music.

Image: Nektar