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Linear Phase Equalizer

A linear phase is a property of a filter where the phase response of the filter is a linear function of frequency. As a result, the entire input signals of the frequency are moved at the same time by the same constant amount, so there is no phase distortion. This is known as group delay.…
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Binaural Sound

Stereophonic sound recording was first known as a binaural sound and it started with a talkie at a local cinema. A talkie was an early sound film that used a single speaker. When Alan Blumlein first discovered this device, he realized there was a way to follow the actors across the screen. This was the…
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A/B Stereo Recording Technique

The A/B stereo recording technique, also known as Spaced Pair, is designed to capture the same sound source through the two microphones they have within. These mics are located from a range of three to ten feet apart from each other, which allows them to create time-of-arrival (phase), and level (amplitude) differences from the input…
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