iLoud MTM Monitor Speaker

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Compact monitor solution designed for music producers working in small spaces.

IK Multimedia iLoud MTM’s can be bought singly, even though they are now sold in pairs, which most people will buy them. They are sold as being able to rival 5″ and 6″ speakers without any problem. The size of these monitor speakers is the first thing you will notice, they are pretty small at 264x160x130mm and weigh 2.5kg. The iLoud MTM’s are packed with two 3″ speakers and a single tiny tweeter between those speakers. They come with an attractive shaped black metal grill, they are tall, skinny, and rounded, finished in the kind of plastic that simulates metal. There’s a white led on the front to let you know when it’s switched on.

These monitor speakers come with useful stands to tilt them on a desktop to the right angle of your ears. They can also be mounted on stands or mic poles via screw mounts, of which there are two for different angles, or can be laid on their side with the enclosed rubber to protect it while laying horizontally. The back part of the speakers shows you the wider than usual range of options for fine-tuning the sound of the speakers. You can tweak low and high frequencies and can choose between -3cB, Flat or +2dB. You will also find a low-frequency extension button that can give you extended lows at 40, 50 ar 60Hz. There’s also a sensitivity adjuster, which is an input gain, and a volume control knob.

These monitor speakers are independently amplified to 100w RMS to an Omni socket that can take 1/4″ TRS or XLR and there is a push button on and off switch on the rear of the speakers too, alongside the ac power socket and a standard IEC. You will also find a calibration system that lets you choose between three frequency response setting overall: desk, flat and calibrate. When you select “ARC” self-calibration, you can plug in a calibration mic into a 1/8″ socket on the back part of the speaker, position it in your listening space and the speakers will calibrate them selfs.

Image: IK Multimedia