Toolroom Academy

Toolroom Academy is a music production school located in Kent-one, London. It offers new and potential artists the best quality education within the House, Techno, and Tech House universe. In addition, it provides a wide variety of in-person or online educational programs, courses, services, and events all over the world. Most importantly, this academy aims to break down the barriers between new talents and record labels. 

Toolroom Academy and its Virtues

Toolroom Academy is top-rated in dance music. An extraordinary and highly experienced senior music team revises their courses, and world-leading producers teach them. Each program is based around the House, Tech House, and Techno genres. In short, it provides education in a friendly and carefully selected environment. Moreover, they organize every session for small groups of new and potential artists.

The Pros

Toolroom Academy is a fairly new music production school that offers amazing quality courses focused on their core experience. They work with renown producers from around the world. By enrolling, students gain expertise in several high-quality specialized software, such as Ableton and Logic, two pretty common DAWs among electronic music producers.

Toolroom Academy: the Courses

This school offers several Production Courses. For example, there are Foundation Program, Production Certificate, Creativity: Unlocked, Production Masterclass, and several Expansion Packs. Firstly, the Foundations Program teaches creative foundations for students with no experience. Secondly, the Production Certificate is a three-month course that teaches the essentials of building a credible and relevant track to a professional standard in a step-by-step manner. Thirdly, Creativity: Unlocked is a 16-week course that teaches advanced creative techniques. In fourth place, Production Masterclass teaches a unique learning experience specifically designed for electronic music education. Lastly, and in general, the Expansion Packs are quick tutorials that offer useful tools and skills.

Toolroom Academy and DJ-ing

Toolroom Academy has a DJ school that focuses on teaching real skills for potential artists. It offers two courses: DJ Masterclass and 1-1 DJ Tuition. First, the DJ Masterclass is a complete DJ tutorial that guides students through the DJing universe. Second, the 1-1 DJ Tuition is based around each student’s specific learning objectives.