Plate Reverb UVI

Investigate the profound and wealthy sound of plate reverb like never before with UVI Plate, a progressed physically-modelled reverb. Plate utilizes real-time physical modelling with up to 20,000 modes to attain unused levels of profundity and detail, going well past the confinement of physical units. Take total control over your plate’s fabric and hosing properties and investigate a universe of reverb sounds from classics just like the EMT140 and 240, and past.

Plate conveys a fully-parametric physical demonstration of electro-mechanical reverb, competent of dialling in sounds of particular physical units with uncanny exactness or making wholly-new reverbs ready with sound plan potential. Broad modelling of real-world components gives you the capacity to totally control the sound of your reverb. Select from numerous sorts of metal sheets, alter the plate measure, physically position inputs and yields on the plate, present abnormalities and pressure to the metal, at that point shape your rot with reenactments of the physical dampener, thermo-elastic misfortune and discuss radiation.

A wonderful graphical editor lets you intuitiveness shape Plate’s rot and EQ segments. Unreservedly alter each elements’ recurrence and commitment with total certainty and see the results in real-time much appreciated to the built-in unearthly analyzer. With exact modelling of numerous discrete components, a preamp immersion organizes, pre-delay, parameter locks, wet/dry blend and a high-quality preset library filled with valuable sounds, Plate’s been outlined to supply you with a capable and featured tool able of achieving the characteristic sounds of classic equipment and interesting sounds of your own plan.

Plate is stuffed with genuine sound potential. A variable ‘Quality’ control permits you to alter Plate’s execution based on the fix plan and your production needs by changing the sum of modes. Even with all the highlights, UVI has made beyond any doubt that using Plate could be a breeze thanks to a customizable user interface. The default ‘Compact’ mode is culminated for rapidly browsing the included presets and dialling them in to suit your input fabric. Flipping the ‘Expanded’ see uncovers extra controls including the visual rot editor where you’ll take full control over the nuts and jolts to accurately shape your reverbs sound.

Image: UVI