AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials

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The AmpLion 2 Rock Essentials plug-in by Audified is a legendary plug-in pack that has three amp models to kickstart your guitar roaring in no time. Get inconceivably sounding shake tones from three uncommonly modelled amps in an unused era of the AmpLion software. A total patch up of the long-standing AmpLion Professional guitar program. Presently with much more nitty-gritty models, modern highlights, and completely re-designed GUI. A superb gear collection based solely on outright rock staples.

Audified have come a long way since planning the exceptionally to begin with the AmpLion plug-in in 2011. For the unused form, they have picked for a totally unused item logic. The one of productivity, bigger than life guitar sounds, and guitarist-friendly workflow. AmpLion 2 Shake Fundamentals gets you three amazing amp models, four cabinets, fifteen stompboxes, ten receivers, all reproduced as nitty-gritty plug-in models utilizing state of craftsmanship component modelling.

The control amplifier segment uses the amplifier impedance demonstrate as a stack to imitate the interaction between the control amp tubes, yield transformer, amplifier, and control amp feedback. The tweak and analogue delay impacts utilize the bucket-brigade delay demonstrate with a correct number of buckets and virtual clock rate rather than a straightforward delay, including a little sum of aliasing to the output sound – this could listen as an ordinary ringing sound.

The models, counting the cabinets, are latency-free, and you get a quick reaction whereas playing. To realize the same staging between Cab A and B as you’d involved in a real-life recording circumstance, we included a little extra delay break even with to the time the sound, voyaging from the amplifier, ought to reach the mouthpiece film. There is no inside IRs within the cabinet segment, these are all real-time cabinet models.

Image: Audified