Auto-Tune Artist

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Auto-Tune Artist by Antares Audio Technologies is the staple plug-in for natural sound pitching adjustment and correction. This version of plug-in delivers ultra-transparent and high-quality audio results that come perfect for classic effects in music productions, used by many top hit artists. Auto-Tune Artist once in the past Auto-Tune Live is outlined to meet the requesting needs of working performers, makers, producers, and live sound engineers. It incorporates all of the progressed real-time pitch redress highlights of Auto-Tune Master and is optimized for moo inactivity execution on arranging or within the studio.

Auto-Tune Artist is additionally pressed with effective unused highlights and upgrades, beginning with a smooth unused interface, overhauled for ease-of-use and ideal workflow. Antares have included Fundamental and Advanced Views so you’ll be able to discover the instruments you would, like after you require them. They’ve moreover included Flex-Tune for more common and straightforward pitch adjustment, Classic Mode for the “Auto-Tune 5 sound,” and Transpose for real-time pitch moving. Compatibility with the Auto-Key plug-in (sold independently) implies never having to stress approximately finding the key of your music sometime recently tuning.

Auto-Key identifies the key and scale and sends that data to Auto-Tune Artist with a single click. Auto-Tune Craftsman too highlights Humanize to protect inconspicuous pitch varieties on maintained notes, programmed Formant Rectification, movable Throat Modeling, real-time MIDI Control, and progressed Vibrato Controls. Auto-Tune Artist is completely compatible with the Auto-Key plug-in. Auto-Key is outlined to spare you endless hours within the studio by naturally identifying the key and scale of your music, and sending that data to Auto-Tune Artist with a single press. Indeed, in case you know the key and scale of your tracks, Auto-Key will streamline your workflow by permitting you to helpfully set the Key and Scale parameters for all of your Auto-Tune plugins inside the venture time.

zImage: Antares Audio Technologies