Fazortan 2

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Fazortan 2 by D16 is a controllable space phaser plug-in that will give you total control over phase shift parameters to provide you with the ability to adjust and control your audio with primer precision. Have you ever asked yourself where does that special mysterious breeze so capable of being heard in most of Jean Michael Jarre’s tunes come to from. Surprisingly the spine here isn’t the synth itself but the effect unit coupled with the synthesizer, saying more accurately the analogue phaser of which our Fazortan 2 appears to be a fine proportionate.

Thanks to the analogue displaying technique, D16 was able to execute allpass filters comprising characteristics indistinguishable from its analogue partner based on Operational Transconductance Amplifiers. Presently in the second version, they were even closer to the sound character of the original equipment unit. You can think about Fazortan 2 as the precise duplicate of a retro phaser taken out from ’70s that has been revamped to become a virtual unit. But being the same sounding unit that gives primal usefulness and sound of the original hardware unit, is where likenesses end and where the boundless scope of plugin comes to play.

Thinking about it as it were one Rate knob and a Color switch on the front board of the genuine phaser gadget, Fazortan 2 from the first look at its GUI, presents itself as a totally modern gadget that effectivelly extends the capabilities of its root.Full control over two LFOs (waveform, rate and depth) controlling the unit and not at all like the hardware unit Fazortan 2 LFO works in different waveform modes. By utilizing both LFOs at the same time you’re presently able to get a result that proprietors of the equipment box may only dream about. Furthermore, it is presently conceivable to include continuous all-pass stages as well as direct the feedback effect. To visually show how it works consider a white noise as an input signal.

Image: D16