Fromage is a plugin that has been specially designed to adds warmth to sounds. It is an amazingly powerful tool that is widely used in the music production universe. Frohmage has a simple interface that delivers professional audio quality. It involves a great sounding filter that works wonders with both electronic and club music genres. This multi-band resonant filter has precise controls, as well as a built-in distortion with two routing systems and delay stages that offer unique phasing effects or weird gliding echoes. 

The Frohmage plugin helps users emphasize, attenuate, brighten or colorize frequencies. It contains an auto-bind feature which allows users to control parameters via a MIDI knob. This feature also allows users to adjust the LFO phase and sync it with the host’s tempo. The user-friendly interface helps producers save and load selected settings in a jiffy, as well as to assemble parameters in an organized way. The Frohmage plugin is an amazing tool that is capable of transforming presets to produce great transaction effects. 

Frohmage offers a variety of unique sounds and it includes several customizable features. It might seem complex at first sight, but it is quite simple to use. It’s worth mentioning that, with this plugin, users are able to easily tune the filter to be in tone with specific notes. The last distortion stage can smoothly overdrive sounds while transforming them into analog. Frohmage is capable of helping users achieve outstanding audio effects. This plugin is a must-have for both beginners and advanced users.

The Frohmage plugin is great for all types of music genres. It is a high-quality plugin that manages to transform ordinary sounds into amazing masterpieces. It might seem complex at first sight, but it is pretty simple to use, and it offers incredible results. Frohmage is available for both iOS and Windows.