OB-Xd is a virtual analog synthesizer plugin that tries to mimic the original sounds and behaviours of the Oberheim OB-X. This plugin includes several adjustments and additions, and it incorporates a micro random detuning feature that adds uniqueness to specific sounds. It also includes a blendable multimode filter. The OB-Xd plugin enhances transposition, automation, layering and arpeggiation of the original version. It’s worth mentioning that this plugin has no internal effects, so sounds and textures can be widely improved by applying reverb, delay, and chorus effects. 

The latest version of the OB-Xd plugin is capable of operating in standalone mode. The latest edition includes midrange quality and bandpass filter tonality. The OB-Xd plugin involves a mixer that is able to blend the two oscillators as well as a noise source. It includes a step switch that allows producers to achieve an extremely accurate tuning by using semi-tone steps. This can be attained by recreating pitch adjustments gradually. The plugin also includes a bright knob that is capable of adjusting the clarity of higher harmonics. 

It’s worth mentioning that the original version of this plugin had a single 12dB/octave low-pass filter. The newer version adds a multimode 12dB/octave filter that enables users to crossfade between low-pass behaviours and high-pass behaviours. This multimode control allows users to change the depth of the filter slope from 24dB/octave to 6dB/octave smoothly. 

The OB-Xd virtual analog synthesizer plugin is considered one of the best analog-inspired virtual synths around. This plugin offers an amazing collection of sounds and it doesn’t require much post-processing. This plugin includes several patches and presets and it appears to be a great emulation of the original Oberheim synth. The sounds provided are astonishing. It has a user-friendly interface as well as extraordinary features, including cutoff, resonance, and filters. Some agree that it is great for techno.

The OB-Xd plugin can be used with both iOS and Windows.