Vocalizer Pro

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Vocalizer Pro from SoniVox is a superb progressive vocoder plug-in that gives you limitless sound-shaping capabilities. Part instrument, part processor, Vocalizer Pro is the extreme instrument extension tool. Offering perpetual sound-sculpting conceivable outcomes, Vocalizer Professional is prepared to harmonize, alter, brace, upgrade, and re-synthesize any instrument or any sound in ways you never thought possible. Two columns of MIDI-mappable cushions give extraordinary execution control. The best push spares depictions of parameter settings, whereas the foot push stores multi-note chords for expressive real-time interaction.

With Vocalizer Pro you’ll be able to bend sound to your wishes

Vocalizer Professional is a completely interesting MIDI-controlled impact processor that can change any soundtrack or sound source, as well as the yield from any VI in your DAW, into an unfathomably lavish, melodic, execution instrument. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever listened. And once you listen to it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Vocalizer Pro presents Progressive Format Moving to truly make things shine. Check out Vocalizer Professional. The main screen reveals four indistinguishable ghost mix modules. These four modules can be routed into, around, and through each other in different combinations to amplify their sonic potential.

Each Module incorporates a target pitch extender for compelling synthesis. Choose from a variety of 16 Ghastly Blend or mix types. Next up, select one of over 16 channel arrangements with full envelope, cutoff, reverberation, and immersion controls. Add to that a linkable LFO with multiple waveforms, a pitch envelope, adjust control—and you’ll be able to see how each Module can pump unused life into your sound. Now start combining the Modules you need and the possible results are endless.

Once you’ve summoned that fabulous sound, play it in execution as only Vocalizer Pro can. Two lines of totally MIDI-programmable execution cushions are the key. Use the primary push to memorize substitute parameter settings’ Depictions and switch between them right away for bursting execution power. Set up straightforward or complex chord voicings on each cushion within the moment push. You will now jump into action and explore chord changes and swap settings in your performance—either from the screen or from any set of MIDI cushions. Nothing else offers this kind of sound elation.