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If your sound needs some fatness, colour, grit and general oomph to it with distortion, the Faturator plug-in by Kilohearts might be your quick solution. This software plug-in is a simple and efficient platform to distort and tear whatever sound you pass through it. This platform has the ability to process any kind of audio that needs some dirt thrown at it to then gently be put back together to find resulting fat and raw sound to add to your tracks and mix.

With this plug-in, you can add warmth with a combination of subtle gritty character to your sounds to then apply some serious heavy saturation and fuzz. The difference with this saturation plug-in among others is that with Futurator you will preserve the dynamics that come with your sound and have the confidence to work on them without it being related to input gain, meaning that you can slam your sound and still preserve its quality.

Bring your tracks to live by adding some colour to your inputs and emphasize a specific tone. You can also add stereo width into your whole mix in a simple and intuitive way, making your inputs and tracks come alive and bright through your mix. Kilohearts has created isolated effect modules called Snapins that will let you perform specific tasks. With Snapins you can combine them in several ways to enhance your creative workflow using unique combinations of effects.

You can load the Futurator on to your DAW as a regular VST or AU or as a Snapin host. The system requirements to run this plug-in are a minimum of 2 GHz CPU and 1GB of memory. Regarding operating systems, windows 7 and mac OS X 10.7 or newer. Take into account that when combining several Snapins your CPU usage will increase.

Image: Kilohearts