Little Foot

music production knowledge

Little foot by Boz Digital Labs is a plug-in designed to give you deep kick drum enhancements in a user-friendly and easy interface. Opposite to what the title or the name of the plug-in suggests, Little Foot is as it were little only in terms of CPU utilization and focus. The single-minded son of Boz’ Sasquatch 2 Kick Machine, it has just one job to do and it does it greatly well. Little Foot takes sub-bass drops, a time-honoured studio strategy, refines and streamlines it, empowering you to consistently mix a tunable low-frequency sine wave with a kick drum for added control, punch, and profound low end in one simple, clear GUI.

Not just for extraordinary lows, in these days of earbuds and iPhone speakers, you might need to bring out an octave over the elemental in arranging for a kick to be listened to properly on tiny speakers. Little Foot can assist you as no EQ can. Professional mix engineers know past any question, you can’t EQ what isn’t there. In the event that a producer tracked a drum unit employing a 20″ kick drum with a single-ply resonant head, there’s not reaching to be exceptionally much going on within the sub frequencies. An old trick within pro studios is to bring out sub frequencies of a kick drum was not EQ, but rather to gate a low-frequency sine wave tuned to the drum’s fundamental to be activated by the kick and sent to another channel for mixing purposes.

The combination of characteristic kick and low-frequency principal included “Oomph,” as Boz Computerized calls it, without insane boosts in EQ. Little Foot gives you the tools of that with one straightforward interface, furthermore, it empowers you to independently tune, include sustain, and level-control the Oomph signal, and treat the initial kick for reverberation, which is a fundamental part of drums. With Little Foot, all you have got to do is drop it on your kick drum track and alter it to taste.

Image: Boz Digital Labs