Looperator by Sugar Bytes is a slicer processing tool that chops your audio and turns it into something completely new. This plug-in works makes your tracks sound elaborately developed with the touch of a button. Looperator blends two concepts: you’ll be able to re-arrange the fabric with the Slicer and put effects with surgical accuracy.

Looperator, the innovator

Right from the start, Sugar Bytes set to develop a tool that’s simple to handle and produces great results. The preset devices make the creation of rolls, loops and stutter alter a matter of a couple of clicks. With Looperator you’ll be able to create in a DAW with ease. Furthermore, if you feel uninspired, its sharp jagged calculations with point-by-point programming options will produce groupings that are highly likely to sound tight and usable. Looperator does the work for you!

Looperator can be used in sync with the DAW’s transport controls, or throughnotes from a MIDI track. In a classic DJ setup, it syncs along with your DJ software. You can dole out total impact sequences to MIDI notes – this way you’ll trigger person designs. This gives you a bounty of adaptability when it comes to applying enchantment to sound signals in a live environment. Find a new and interesting drum loop! For sounds on lower layers you can create something that doesn’t sound like it’s totally distinctive, but really compelling. It’s easy on your assets, so running a number of instances and consolidating the results into a broader extend is an easy process.

In spite of its basic interface, Looperator is a shockingly profound plug-in for you to explore. Each effect holds its individual parameters (5 settings), each of which can be controlled by one of 20 selectable and movable envelope shapes; a straightforward automation-ready parameter dial; an envelope devotee; and a randomizer. Most of the time, you won’t need to go further than the ready-made steps. However, when you do, the four user-defined steps per track provide you full and exact control of imperative effect parameters on a per-step premise.

Image: Sugar Bytes