Massive is an analog style synthesizer plugin that contains a large library of sounds. It is, too, a commercial wavetable software synth plugin whose design is for professional audio production. Good news is that it works neatly with every Digital Audio Workstation. When using the Massive, artists are able to access the presets included or upload their own creations. Plus, it helps musicians add life to ordinary sounds with built-in effects and filters. In addition, they can also use several modulation options and wavetable oscillators to create amazing musical content. Just brilliant.

Massive: Digital and Analog

As mentioned before, Massive features a hybrid digital-analog designed for music production. Specifically, it includes several wave oscillators, a couple of filters, and a variety of envelopes. Its analog style is ideal for creating bass, hip-hop, trap, and electronic music. Picture it: it displays two screens. One of them is specifically to load instrument folders and libraries into the synth, while the other one includes every feature and tool you could need.

Massive Flexibility, Impact, and Interface

Massive offers extreme flexibility, maximum sonic impact, and a virtual-analog interface for achieving extraordinary sounds. Experts say this plugin is a modern masterpiece with cutting-edge sound production. Furthermore, it is easy to use and provides astonishing high-quality sounds. Similarly, it offers a solid foundation to mixes, inspiring users to produce outstanding musical creations through a broad sonic spectrum.


In conclusion, Massive includes a huge array of sounds crafted by sound designers and renown artists. It offers a highly intuitive well-designed interface with helpful visual feedback. In this same fashion, it includes a wide variety of customizable presets, a great modulation system, and amazing filters and oscillators. Massive is a very powerful analog style synth plugin that renown producers worldwide employ. Also, it features amazing built-in sounds and presets and it is quite simple to use. Overall, this plugin is optimal for both live performances and studio workspaces and you can use it on both iOS and Windows.