Native Instruments Cremona Quartet

Music Production Knowledge

The exquisite string collection Cremona Quartet by Native Instruments brings the worlds most valuable string instruments to the hands of music producers. It is a gem of sound that has been carefully recorded and sampled in a phase-aligned stereo format with an extensive chromatic sampling of 20 articulations. This sound pack is really a piece of valuable art that can now be in your hands with cutting edge parameter controls to enhance your music production creations with these historic treasures.

It is really inspiring to know that now anyone can treasure these instruments and make use of them in al creative means. Cremona in Italy is known for the birthplace of strings and holds a special and long history for these instruments. These string instruments in particular have been build hundreds of years ago and hold their own and unique personality and sound. Dating back to the 1600s this beautiful plugin holds and cherishes every sounding detail of theses rere and amazing instruments for you to enjoy.

The first in line, and probably the most important and star of the show is the Stradivari Violin “Vesuvius” which was built at the end of Antonio Stradivari’s golden age in 1727. Second, in line is the Stradivari Cello “Stauffer” built-in 1700 is considered an Italian national treasure giving the quartet deep tones and adding weight to the whole ensemble. In third place comes the Guarner Violin “Prince Doria” built-in 1734 for some experts it is considered as the best violin in the world. Last but not least is the Amati Viola “Stauffer” which is the oldest instrument in the quarter built-in 1614 by Andrea Amati in Cremona.

Thee magical and historical sounds of this quartet were captured at the Museo Del Violo in Carmona using a bespoke array of mics and preamps with an acoustical designed environment that made the recording of these instruments outstanding.

Image: Native Instruments