Noire by Native Instruments

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Noire, by Native Instruments, is a library based on the unique Yamaha CFX 9 grand piano sound by composer and pianist Nils Frahm—an absolute signature sound you can now experience. Frahm himself selected, costumed, and intimated the unique sound of this concert grand. And he did so with an outstanding and impressive result that can now be yours in a digital form. In short, this library captures this grand piano in its natural and favorite habitat, the Saal 3, in Berlin, which is part of the Bauhaus-designed Funkhaus recording complex. The recordings of this unique experience resulted in an intense and evocative instrument with a unique atmospheric feel of its own. A true, almost magical, beauty was born.

Noire: Features

Noire comes in two different sounds. Depending on what you’re aiming for, you can choose between Pure and Felt. Firstly, the Pure version delivers unadulterated piano tone which comes in a clear and natural way. Secondly, the Felt version comes with a felt moderator to sculpt hammers and strings with a reduced attack. Additionally, you can adjust attack and release, resonance and overtones, as well as velocity and curve. In this plugin you’ll also find a great feature: the Particles Engine. Particularly, this lets you spark new musical ideas.

Furthermore, with the Particles Engine you can automatically create clouds of pulsating, swirling, harmonic elements in synch with what you’re playing. This feature will instantly add motion to what you’re dialling and will invite you to navigate in a world of new musical and sound possibilities. This is a simple, yet powerful, platform. In other words, it’s powerful creative sound engine, but you can also adapt it to where your musical journey takes you. Try and get creative with the different design options and play with tone shifting; similarly, apply EQ’s, compression, delay, and reverb to get your own sound.

Image: Hispasonic